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Armor for Sleep has come a long way from their beginnings of self-promotion and the breakout success of 2003's "Dream to Make Believe" with Equal Vision Records. From tours with Fall Out Boy, Taking Back Sunday, Recover and packed out shows as headliners, the band built a rabid national following and is ready to break out in the world of current it-scene with their own brand of music. It was this same notion that contributed heavily to the construction of the new album, where the band again fuses their literally haunting writing with a slew of melodies including electronica and hardcore. What To Do When You Are Dead is their next step, the next logical progression in the band's identity, a purposeful balance between a self-contained concept album and a strong collection of songs. Armor for Sleep has demonstrated their ability to adapt from the beginning, and as they grow, stake a claim in the fluctuating genre they helped to create.

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