Ares Kingdom By The Light Of Their Destruction Vinyl LP

Ares Kingdom By The Light Of Their Destruction Vinyl LP


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It has been more than 20 years since Order From Chaos alumni Chuck Keller and Mike Miller recorded their first demo under the name Ares Kingdom.

After the demo, nearly a full decade passed before Ares Kingdom released their first full-length album, “Return to Dust.

” By that time, the band was operating as a four-piece with Alex Blume (Nepenthe, Blasphemic Cruelty) and Doug Overbay joining the fold.

Overbay left the band following the release of the second album, “Incendiary,” and, operating as a trio since that time, the band’s sound became ever more taut, elemental, and savage.

This new album, “By the Light of Their Destruction”—the fourth full-length in the Ares Kingdom catalog, not counting the band’s 2013 compilation of cover tracks entitled “Veneration”—departs thematically and sonically from the band’s prior work, with darker melodies and heavier instrumentation signaling a stylistic shift from the three earlier albums.

Track Listing

1.The Hydra Void2.Burn, Antares (Scorpius Diadem)3.Dark Waters Eridanus4.Eighteen Degrees Beneath5.Allegory6.The Bones of All Men7.Iconologia8.Talis Chimera Est
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