Arcturus Shipwrecked In Oslo CD

Arcturus Shipwrecked In Oslo CD


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Arcturus - one of the most influential, important, and experimental bands of the early Norwegian black metal scene - will see their only professionally recorded live show hit CD for the first time in history.  The band's "Shipwrecked in Oslo," recorded from high-quality soundboard audio during the Sonic Solstice Festival on September 24th, 2005 in Oslo, Norway, will see full publication by cult Finnish label Blood Music.  The performance features live offerings from every Arcturus publication and is sure to please every fan.

The audio has been professionally edited and remastered to fit the CD format, and it will come in a clear jewel case with 8-page booklet, featuring photos from the performance, as well as artwork created from the original DVD release.  The CD pressing is limited to 1000 copies only.

Arcturus is one of the most well-known black metal bands and features or has featured luminaries of such classic acts as: Mayhem, Dimmu Borgir, Ulver, Ved Buens Ende, Borknagar, Shining, Covenant and live members of Emperor, Immortal, and Mysticum.

Track Listing

1. Ad Absurdum2. Nightmare Heaven3. Shipwrecked Frontier Pioneer4. Alone5. Deception Genesis6. The Chaos Path7. Tore Guitar Solo8. Deamonpainter9. Nocturnal Vision Revisited10. Painting My Horror11. Hufsa12. Master of Disguise13. White Noise Monster14. Re
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