Arctic Plateau On A Sad Sunny Day CD

Arctic Plateau On A Sad Sunny Day CD


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ARCTIC PLATEAU - this is the nom de plume of Gianluca Divirgilio, an Italian musician with an incredible sense for epic arrangements and song structures whose first recordings offer timeless music between the poles of Post Rock, Shoegaze, New Wave and Indie.

"I am so inspired by the sadness that I feel I have found the joy.

" These are the first lyrics you'll hear on "On A Sad Sunny Day", the debut album by ARCTIC PLATEAU, and this sentiment is the golden thread that runs through each of the eleven tracks.

This album enchants you with an open, dream-like atmosphere and is characterized by a fascinating ambivalence of hope and melancholy, euphoria and sadness.

It's like an introspective trip into your inner self and into your own past, a rekindling of memories and sealed-up emotions.

The artist himself describes his compositions as 'explicitly dreamed music', and we can't think of any better term for the music of this one-man project.

Track Listing

1. Alive 3:12 2. On A Sad Sunny Day 7:54 3. Lepanto 4:50 4. Ivory 5:52 5. In Epica Memories 4:03 6. Amethyst To #F 6:58 7. Iceberg Shoegaze 8. Coldream 7:06 9. Eight Years Old 3:09 10. Aurora In Rome 4:04 11. In Time 21:06
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