Arbitrater Balance Of Power/darkened Reality CD (Double Disc)

Arbitrater Balance Of Power/darkened Reality CD (Double Disc)


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Re-issue of Balance Of Power/Darkened Reality from thrash/speed metal band 'Arbitrater' from Warwick, UK, originally formed by members of the punk band The Varukers

Double disc set including the "The Conquest" demo, all remastered/restored by Jamie King

Track Listing

CD1 Track List (Balance Of Power)1. Allegiance 2. The Treaty 3. Evil Emperor 4. Conquest 5. Life Line6. Graveyard Of Fools 7. Time For Destiny 8. Deadly Assassin 9. Conquest (The Conquest Demo 1988) 10. Mystical Dreamworld (The Conquest Demo 1988) 11. Cra
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