Arabia Welcome To The Freakshow CD

Arabia Welcome To The Freakshow CD


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ARABIA will return on June 6th with their all new album "Welcome To The Freakshow" but that's not the end of it, the band are also set to finish album number three for Z Records this year for a 2012 release!!.

After so many rumours emanating from sources claiming to be in the know we thought it best to let John Blaze of Arabia put the record straight once and for all, so here's Johnny.

"Hey gang, John Blaze here.

So, there has been a ton of talk about what's going on with ARABIA.

All I can say is for those of you who hung in there, thanks for the overwhelming support.

I receive countless e-mails and well wishes from all over the globe and it's awesome that the first ARABIA record 1001 Nights made such an impact.

Well, here we are some years later and I am still alive and well in NYC.

The member line-up had changed several times and nothing was really clicking for me.

Recording became a freakshow of events but ultimately, I found a grove with great guys who shared my musical tastes.

Out of the rubble of posers and freaks, after a few years of tortured and pain - finally a new ARABIA record is due to emerge.

So, I had to call it "Welcome To The Freakshow" because that was it's journey.

The new record will come out around May/June of 2011 via my label Z Records and then I am planning to come back overseas and kick some ass.

Again, thanks for the support and we'll see you real soon.

We've already started writing the next ARABIA record "Eternity" which we are going to schedule for a January/February 2012 release.

ARABIA rocks and we're back bigger and better than ever".

-Blaze .

Track Listing

1. Welcome to The Freakshow2. No Place Like Home3. Last Temptation4. Strange Days5. Jesus Wept6. Scarecrow7. Crush8. Blood Runs Blind9. Beggars Bag10. Drive
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