Aparat Aparat CD

Aparat Aparat CD


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Mark Springer is a pianist and composer who formed the ground breaking Rip Rig + Panic while still in his teens.

When they split The Times commented that “their too-brief career will not have been in vain if it has served at least to launch the pianist Mark Springer.

” Releasing several solo albums for Virgin prior to setting up the Exit label, Mark has spent his career developing a distinctive sound world, most recently demonstrated on the acclaimed 2015 album ‘The Watching Bird’.

Arthur Jeffes is an English composer, producer and musician.

He is the founder and frontman of Penguin Café, composes film scores and recently produced the 2nd album by the acclaimed folk singer Sam Lee.

He is the son of Penguin Café Orchestra founder Simon Jeffes and formed his current group in 2007 following a series of memorial concerts to commemorate the 10th anniversary of his father’s death.

They have released two albums to date.

‘Aparat’ is the self-titled debut album by the duo of Springer and Jeffes.

An entirely instrumental affair, it features several keyboards – among them the Dulcitone, Harmonium, Celeste and a Spinet – as well as a Bluthner grand piano, Bass Melodica and percussion.

Springer comments that “there is also a lovely sense of the history that I have with Arthur and his father.

Simon and I would spend hours together both playing music and discussing our ideas, so it is wonderful to continue the process of collaboration with Arthur.

”   .

Track Listing

1. Sansai2. Carilef3. The Sweet Falls4. Annona5. Rescue At Midnight6. Leger7. Liga8. Into The Moment9. Vida10. Kananka11. Ourense12. Forest At Your Door13. Matter
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