Angellore La Litanie Des Cendres CD

Angellore La Litanie Des Cendres CD


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Bringing together drama, darkness and melancholy, ANGELLORE have become a unique voice in the doom metal scene in France, gathering plenty of interest with their eclectic gothic and folk influences.

Since their birth in 2007, the band have managed to captivate the French music press with a series of EPs, leading to their debut album “Errances”, which was released in 2012 to widespread acclaim.

Without promotion of any sort, the song “I Am The Agony” gathered more than 15.

000 views on YouTube.

ANGELLORE have been featured in MyRock and Rock Hard magazines as the world begins to wake up to a new dark and reflective voice, and they are proud to announce the impending release of second album “La Litanie Des Cendres” after signing with Shunu Records.

This new and bewitching work sees ANGELLORE refine the weapons with which they pierce the hearts and souls of the audience, and is a certain earth shaker in the doom metal genre.

Track Listing

01. A Shrine of Clouds02. Still Glowing Ashes03. Twilight's Embrace04. Inertia05. Moonflower
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