Angela Martyr The November Harvest CD

Angela Martyr The November Harvest CD


Vanessa Van Basten is dead, long live Angela Martyr.
Angela Martyr rises from the ashes of Vanessa Van Basten, a cult band born in Genova, Italy, in 2005 and which survived through various hiatuses until approximately 2014. A handful of releases from Vanessa Van Basten have remained on the tongues of many people, and not only in Italy (where the band is an absolute cult). In fact, their cinematic mix of post-rock, doom metal, and shoegaze was appreciated worldwide, thanks to records released by such international labels as Consouling Sounds from Belgium and Robotic Empire from the United States.
With a few splits and a tribute EP to The Cure, all showing an evolving and eclectic sound clearly influenced by God Machine and Swans, Vanessa Van Basten said farewell, and after a small rest, his machine-head Morgan Bellini rose up from the ashes for a new martyrdom named Angela Martyr. And now, Avantgarde Music presents the debut album of Angela Martyr, The November Harvest. A new age of sonic adventure begins here, and it is time to reap the harvest...
Grungy, mechanical, pessimistic metalgaze.

Track Listing

1. Deviant2. Georgina3. Deathwish4. Serpent 5. Negative Youth6. Carsleeper7. On the Edge of Next Time8. Imprinting9. Angela Martyr
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