Anatomi-71 Fran Primat Till Reptil CD

Anatomi-71 Fran Primat Till Reptil CD


Crustcore. Ten new songs of total fury. Crustcore as it was meant to be. Ripping, intense, pulverizing! Anatomi-71 are back with the humor intact. This is Anatomi-71 2011. A resolute rejection of all that human egocentrism and the reptilian brain-based self-interest means. A brave ambition to keep our heads above the surface to avoid having to be caught up in the tsunami of nihilistic piggery that we call the present; or at least an old man's excuse for our own insights and it's sometimes somewhat fragile nature.

Track Listing

1. God natt altruism 2. Fran primat till reptil 3. Hip skit 4. Framtiden var battre forr 5. Fyra femton 6. Byt karriar 7. Mot morkare vatten 8. For sverige ur tiden 9. Omen Part 1: Kometen kommer Part 2: Forlorarna skriver historien 10. Griseriets historia
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