American Steel Destroy Their Future CD

American Steel Destroy Their Future CD


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AMERICAN STEEL, the most recent addition to the FAT family, are anything but new to the punk rock world.

The release of Destroy Their Future marks the band’s fourth full length and their first recording after a six-year hiatus.

The Oakland, CA based foursome came to be in 1996, releasing their first Self Titled album on New Disorder Records and two subsequent albums, Rogue’s March and Jagged Thoughts on Lookout! Records.

From the get go the band has been no stranger to the road, touring with the likes of Hot Water Music, The Murder City Devils, The Mr.

T Experience, and The Lawrence Arms.

At the height of their popularity in 2002, the band played what was to be their final show at Berkeley’s 924 Gilman Street.

While AMERICAN STEEL lay dormant, the majority of its members formed the band Communiqué, further developing themselves as musicians and carrying on the tradition of this unrelenting East Bay musical force.

Early in 2007 the AMERICAN STEEL itch resurfaced and the band set out to record a new album.

The twelve tracks that make up Destroy Their Future further display a sound that owes as much to traditional Motown, folk and rock, as it does punk and hardcore.

A slightly darker, more refined AMERICAN STEEL will be embraced by the band’s fans who have waited with anticipation since 2002!.

Track Listing

TRACK LIST1. Sons Of Avarice 2. Dead And Gone 3. Mean Streak 4. Love And Logic 5. Smile On Me 6. Razorblades 7. Old Croy Road 8. To The Sea 9. Or, Don’t You Remember? 10. Speak, Oh Heart 11. Hurtlin’ 12. More Like A Dream
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