All Teeth Young Love CD

All Teeth Young Love CD


Born under the influence of bands like California predecessors THE NERVE AGENTS and emotional hardcore trailblazers AMERICAN NIGHTMARE, ALL TEETH have forged their own brand of unabashedly emotional, heavy music. ALL TEETH’s most recent effort, Young Love, delivers an unyielding assault of “real.” If you have ever felt alienated by the 190-lb camo-clad tough guy, or misrepresented by the happy and healthy mentally vexed screamer, one perusal through Young Love’s lyric booklet will prove that there is still breath in the lungs of no-bullshit, heartfelt hardcore. Gut wrenching accounts of desperation, loneliness, detachment and hopelessness characterize Young Love from start to finish. Perfectly positioned over diversely intricate and equally heavy melody, ALL TEETH’s lyricist David Kelling’s moving words are delivered with such cunning honesty that it is impossible for even the most jaded critic to deny his sincerity. In the constant battle against the cookie cutter illegitimacy of modern heavy music, many believe that the good guys are all dead. ALL TEETH evinces beyond the shadow of a doubt that the good guys are still kicking, and they are still pissed.

Track Listing

1. Goodbye Faye Dolan2. Caller ID3. Downers4. Long Nights5. Oh, Disposable Me
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