Airbag A Day In The Studio / Unplugged In Oslo (cd+dvd) CD (Double Disc)

Airbag A Day In The Studio / Unplugged In Oslo (cd+dvd) CD (Double Disc)


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After the success of “A Day at the Beach” in the summer of 2020, Airbag really wanted to showcase the songs in a live setting. Alas, due to all the covid-19 restrictions, a normal tour or normal shows wasn’t a reality. Instead, the band went into Subsonic Society Studio in Oslo, where they recorded their last studio albums, to perform an acoustic set streamed in the early autumn of last year.

As the band explains: 2020 has been a difficult year for us all. With our new album, "A Day at the Beach", out in June we had planned to tour and play live for all our fans and friends but it was not to be. Still, we wanted to do something special that would keep us connected to our fans and also to say thanks for everyone’s support in these trying times. Doing this acoustic session allowed us to revisit songs from the new album and a few old ones as well. A new challenge for sure but a fun and inspiring experience.
In addition to acoustic versions of 3 songs from “A Day At The Beach” and the classics “Colours” and “Sounds That I Hear”, this release includes the previously unreleased song “Come on In”.

Comes with a DVD featuring the original streamed session

For fans of Pink Floyd, Porcupine Tree and Marillion

Track Listing

1. Machines and Men (A Day at the Beach)2. Sunsets (A Day at the Beach)3. Into the Unknown (A Day at the Beach)4. Come on In (previously unreleased)5. Colours 6. Sounds That I Hear
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