Ages Malefic Miasma CD


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Ages Malefic Miasma CD

AGES was formed during the harsh swedish winter of 2011. into existence came “From the Ashes of Time”, the first in line of AGES songs. A distillate of dormant black metal urges, the spawn of years of abstinence.

After intense times of composing, producing and recording, eight songs merged into one compendium – “THE MALEFIC MIASMA”.

The discerning eye of BLACK LODGE RECORDS caught a glimpse of the faint glow that was AGES. Strengthened by this union, the flickering light will intensify, soon to burn like a beacon in the midst of the ongoing regression into the dark ages. The pyres will be lit early 2015 upon releasing “THE MALEFIC MIASMA” to the world. And so it was foretold.

To enforce the rigorous quality set out by Andreas Olander (Volturyon, ex-Evangeli) and Daniel Beckman (ex-Evangeli, ex-Slumber), AGES recruited Brice Leclercq (ex-Dissection, ex-Nightrage). A veteran bassist, renowned in the swedish metal scene.

Reactions upon releasing the first songs where overwhelming and soon a steadfast fanbase was established. With the releasing of “THE MALEFIC MIASMA”, AGES seeks to spread the enlightening words of reason, not only to the mere horizon, but beyond.

With outstanding melodies, atmospheres and performances – Ages’ debut album ‘The Malefic Miasma’, embraces the legacy from the 90’s and brings the swedish black metal sound to a new level.


Band - Ages
Genres - Melodic Hardcore, Hardcore, Melodic Black Metal, Black Metal, Punk
Product Code - BLOD095CD