A Global Threat Where The Sun Never Sets CD


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A Global Threat has been a household name in the underground punk community for the past 9 years. Sharing the stage with bands like DROPKICK MURPHYS, STRIKE ANYWHERE, THE CASUALTIES and THE UNSEEN, who AGT also shared many members with, AGT has been relentless on the road as well as the studio. Having already released 3 full lengths through labels like PUNK CORE, ADD, and RODENT POPSICLE, AGT enters the BYO family with a loyal fanbase and a few notches on their spiked belt to boot! Hailing from Boston, AGT have quickly become one of the most exciting up and coming bands of the area. Combining old school punk rock with hardcore metal riffs, AGT has created an original sound that transcends their counterparts. Three chords, blood, sweat and no rewards!

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