The so called “Battle of Orgreave” was a moment in British history that doesn't get the prominence it deserves, it's not old enough yet but every bit as much as the Newport Rising or Peterloo it's an event that illustrates the relationship between workers and power, the attitude of the government to the governed. The big difference is that many of the people involved with Orgreave are still alive. It's not controversial to condemn William Hutton, the magistrate who ordered the cavalry into the crowd at Peterloo, he's long dead. Senior police officers responsible for the violence at Orgreave and falsifying statements afterwards are still drawing their pensions.

The resistance to a proper inquiry into Orgreave is strong, in the 5 years we've supported the Orgreave truth and Justice Campaign we've had Theresa May as Home secretary on a t-shirt, then Amber Rudd and now, Sajid Javid. We may be naïve but when this Tory government inevitably collapses under the weight of its own incompetence, if an inquiry hasn't already started we're confident we won't need to put a Labour Home Secretary's name on a t-shirt. Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister will back an inquiry just as he has in opposition.

Over the last year we have raised over £2,000 with our T-Shirts supporting the campaign. Show your support and grab one of the updated designs below. All profits from sales of these t-shirts go directly to the Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign.

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