Obnoxious UK Interview

Can you please give a brief history of the band along with a discography?

(Jacko): Formed in 2001 by myself and kimbo, stable line up since 2006, we added long time friend Bri in 2010. 7 songs for the dead and as wolves among sheep.

Who makes up the band and what do they do?

(Jacko): kimbo lead vocals & guitar, Bri – guitar & backing vox, Fez – drums, Jacko – bass & backing vox.

How would you describe your sound?

(Jacko): Obnoxious

(Kimbo): Our sound is Obnoxious UK, we’re not generic.

Who initially influenced you to from a band and do they still influence you now?

(Jacko): Just something I always wanted to do me and my mate Fez started a bedroom band when we were 11, we haven’t looked back since.

(Kimbo): too many influences to repeat.

Have any of the members been in any other bands and if so whom?

(Jacko): Myself nothing worth mentioning, Kimbo & Bri, The Norma Jeans but you have to ask em.

(Kimbo): Yes they do, still in bands The Norma Jeans you youth of today has loads left for it cause they will make there own path,sound and genre the undergroung is on its way up

With punk being raped and left for dead by the mainstream, do you think it has any left to offer the youth of today?

(Jacko): Punk will always be an attitude, people said punk was 77 to 79 BUT then you have 82 and now we’re still talking about the same demise in 2013. It will survive but people will say: “Oh it’s not like it should be, it’s not like when we grew up, and every generation will have a different point of view.

What’s in the pipeline for The Obnoxious UK? Any releases or gigs planned?

(Jacko): We’re rerecording the second CD as we weren’t happy with it, we may put it all together and say there you go. What we got till now and a possible live CD. As for gigs, as many as possible.

(Kimbo): CD in December as we ain’t discussed live CD yet.

Where would you like to be with The Obnoxious UK in 5 years time?

(Jacko): Still gigging, still staying true to ourselves, still having fun and people wanting to come see the shows.

(Kimbo): In 5 years time, we’ll still doing the same with loads more material.

How did you first get into punk?

(Jacko): When i was about 7, I had to visit family on a Sunday and my cousin who was 10 years older would sit us down and play us all the punk records he was into and started there.

(Kimbo): When I was 9 my brother bought me God Save the Queen and going to the Oasis with my sister when I was about the same age and seeing punks for the first time.

What has been the best gig you’ve played and what has been the best gig you’ve attended?

(Jacko): Best gig I’ve played, I don’t know, I enjoy them all, enjoyed supporting the Subs and Anti Nowhere League. The best gig attended would be Suicidal Tendencies as it pisses Kimbo off every time I mention it.

(Kimbo): I’d say Anti Nowhere Leauge gig was the best so far and Metallica in 88 at the NEC.

What bands should we keep an eye out for?

(Jacko): The Shots from Lemington Spa as cool people and deserve exposure as in it for the right reason. The name on everyone lips at the minute: Dirtbox Disco but looking forward to the Spunk Volcano solo outing, I predict big things for that one if its good you will hear of it Any final comments? I hope one day the scene can pull together and stop booking over each other and people start coming out to see shows instead of saying there’s nothing to do and when someone puts a show on they don’t show up.
(Kimbo): The Shots, The Bench Dogz blah blah blah.

Final Comments?

Lol if the punks made an effort to go see new bands and relied less on nostalgia, things would be even better lol.

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