Last Crusade Interview

Could you please give a brief history of Last Crusade?

Well last Crusade was started by Mike our lead guitarist and Ben our drummer, then they got Karl in through mutual mates and Karl met me at a Boston Strangler gig we got talking and so I joined.

Who makes up the band and what other bands do have they played/play in?

We’ve all played in different bands in the past but they ain’t worth a mention.

Who are the bands influences and how would you describe your sound?

Crux, Camera Silens, Blitz, Cock Sparrer, Rose Tattoo and Slade, the list could go on forever. We’re all into different stuff as well, Karl is massively into his HC, Mike likes a lot of mod bands, Ben likes all sorts of random stuff and I Iike a lot punk as well. Our sound is really a mash of the influences I’ve listed. A few clean melodies mixed with a brick wall rhythm and then some shouty vocals over the top.

You’ve recently recorded a 4 track demo, what has been the response to it and how to you intend to follow it up?

The response was great, we are all really shocked and humbled by the feedback. We’re working on some more material and we’ve managed to get some dates in Hamberg and Paris. The demo is coming out on pretty soon so keep an eye out.

You choose to do a cover on your demo, what else would you like/intend to cover?

We’ve had loads of ideas for covers I’d like to do a Crux cover as you never really hear anyone do them as far as I know. I don’t really like to cover songs by bands that are still going and I don’t think the others do too.

What do you think Last Crusade brings to the table that differs from other bands?

Well we’re quite a bit younger than a lot of the bands in Britain and our personal influences are quite diverse and we hope they mix nicely.

I understand you’re playing your début gig in Leeds on the 23rd of January, can you give is some details of that and what kind of reception are you expecting?

Well as it’s our 1st we have no idea. If we just take it easy, do we what we do without making too much of a mess, it should go okay and hopefully not too many people’s evenings will be ruined.

What others gigs have you got lined up?

So far we have the 13th of March in Hamburg with Suede Razors and a few others and the next day we fly over to Paris for a gig there. I don’t think all the bands have been confirmed for that yet.

As you’ve two members from Canada, do you hope to play there one day and if so have you anywhere in mind?

We would really like to play there. Karl’s home town is Montreal so I think he’d be really proud to bring his music home.

How strong do you think the scene is in the UK and worldwide?

In Britain it’s dying off a bit. There’s not so many people our age turning up to gigs and audience numbers are going down. But there’s some young skinhead bands rising like Grade 2 and our brothers Crown Court who are fucking brilliant, they also have members in some HC bands called Violent Reaction and Arms Race, so hope fully more will follow. But it’s great to see how strong it is worldwide and its even rising in places like Indonesia. So that’s a positive

What do you think the skinhead culture can offer the youth in Cameron’s Britain and what does it mean to be a skinhead in 2015?

I think if the youth turned to this they would have something real to belong to that’s real and pure. We live in such a disposable and fake generation right now where the mainstream is really taking over. I think if today’s youth got into a bit of punk, oi or hc they would see a lot of the truth behind Cameron’s Britain.

Can you sum up Last Crusade in three words?

That’s a tough question. Trying our best?

What do you think people should be crusading against today?

Take a look around you and you’ll see. Things like the media, its feeding total shit into people brains and turning them into puppets which is what it’s for. If people saw things like the Daily Mail and the Murdoch Empire for what it is I’m sure they’d have a different attitude.

Any final comments?

Keep supporting your scene wherever you are. Go watch a local band or travel to a gig in a dingy back street pub and find a floor to crash on. Buy the records and check out new bands and also dig deep into the roots. Thank you everyone for the support, thanks for taking the time to do this interview Mike and hopefully see you all in front of the stage or by the bar.

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