Interview with Scarred Society

Could you please give a brief history of Scarred Society?

Scarred society was formed in 2009 with me (Paul) on vocals Andy on bass and Tom on guitar, we started out writing songs using a drum machine and as time went on we couldn’t find a drummer so started gigging with the drum machine. After a few gigs we managed to get Paul in on drums who had just left Contempt with this line up we recorded our first album.

You don’t sound like a straight up punk band, I think I hear some NYHC in there for example, but who are you influences and how would you describe your sound?

Our sound is a mixture of old school hardcore with a bit of street punk, anarcho, metal and hip hop thrown in. we do find sometimes though our sound is too punk for the hardcore fans and too hardcore for the punks so it can be a catch 22.

Our influences are varied but not necessarily what we sound like some of the bands that have inspired us are Sick of it all, Agnostic front, Biohazard, Bad Religion, Slayer, Rage against the machine, Public Enemy.

I have always liked how you sing about topics that are a bit different but where does your inspiration come from?

We try not to be a box ticking band writing to preach to the converted, me and Andy share the lyric writing between us. We get inspiration from anything that gives us that spark or that pisses us off. Andy watches and reads a lot of stuff on political history and gets ideas from that or it could be a news article that winds us up or just something from everyday life. To be honest with the current political and social state we are never short of ideas. I’d like to add we try to avoid being a preachy band; we just put across ideas and hopefully give people something to think about.

Your album is definitely a force to be reckoned with, what are your highlights from it and how can people get their hands on it?

Our two favourite tracks are Age of deception and Skull and bones, one for its catchy chorus and the other for its groove and both for their lyrics.

You can get the cd from us personally or £3.50 (post paid) through paypal at
or message us on facebook here

You’ve got a new line up, what was the story there?

Tom our original guitarist left to go to university, Paul our drummer left due to work commitments and our replacement guitarist Mike left to concentrate on his other band. After about six months of advertising without finding anyone I was about to call it quits but a friend of mine (Moca ) who was a producer/scratch dj from my old band said he’d give it a go on drums if we could wait a few months for him to get up to speed. He purchased a kit and practised like a maniac and 18 months later made his drumming debut with us at the punx picnic. Shortly after Moca Joined we found our guitarist Louis who has brought a much heavier sound to the band than we had previously.

What with the punk scene infested diluted radio friendly bands at the moment, how healthy do you think it is at present?

Although I’m not a fan of the Nostalgia or melodic bands myself they are bringing people to the gigs so they are doing their bit to keep the scene alive but I would like to see a few more bands with something to say, with the current political climate the time is right for bands to make some good pissed off protest music but it seems people prefer their music a bit dumbed down these days.

One thing we do hate though is Punk tribute bands, they appeal to the lowest common denominator and weaken the scene, Punk was always about doing it yourself not imitating a band from the 70s.

What has Scarred Society got in the pipeline? Any new releases?

We are planning a split cd with Hatework Conspiracy from Telford.

What gigs have you got coming up and how can anyone contact you if they want to put you on?

They can message us through face book or email us at

Have any of you been in any other bands before or play in any others at the moment?

Andy is in Fear insight and was in Dogshit Sandwich and D’corner boys, me and Moca have a hip hop project called Desolate onez and we were previously in Broken Minds and Graveyard Shift and Louis is in a metal band Back home in Cyprus called Infected Syren, he also has two other projects called Zivanished (crust Punk) and Psymon (electronic/industrial)

Where would you like to take the band and what do you see the holding for Scarred Society?

We don’t have any big hopes or dreams, just play some gigs keep releasing music and hopefully do another tour.

Any final comments?

Thanks for the interview and hopefully a few people will read it and check us out.
Scarred Society

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