Interview with Bulletridden

Could you give a brief history of BULLETRIDDEN?

BULLETRIDDEN arose from the ashes of a band called THE RECKONING that played only one gig at Scum Fest and then exploded, it also became the band WARPRAYER. BR is Chris’s baby he wanted to make a punk rock, hardcore, style band with the same anger and ethics. de-tuned and totally absorbing an early nineties death metal Sweden sound and yeah with no guitar solos(because he’s crap at them)……..we all came to help.

What’s your discography?

Debut album CD only on under ground movement called “SONGS WRITTEN BEFORE JUMPING FROM AN 8 STOREY WINDOW”
2nd album CD only on Bad News called “UPBEAT NOISE FOR DOWNTRODDEN PEOPLE”
A SPLIT VINYL 7” With our mates HELLKRUSHER on antisociety records

How would you describe your sound?


What other bands have you all played/play in?

Martin has been singer for Gurkha, the Reckoning and Warprayer and numerous other projects that didn’t play live but recorded something sinister in a bedroom.
Chris has been in Bombblastmen, Russabbottoir,The Varukers (who aint?),Violent Arrest,and extinction of mankind.
Karl was The Milk and Cheese Experience, Piss Up a Rope, Something in the Water, BlackEyeRiot, Warprayer and is now also in Atomck.
Luk isn’t going to tell.

Who makes up the band?

Karl is the drum machine ,riotous but systematic
Luke is the basstard and master bass driver
Martin deploys the vocals , growling and yet symphonic
Chris is does the buzz saw guitar
we all get on well and there has never been a band argument, we have no pretensions or big egos to deal with. we have had other bass players Andy and Lambert and we send our best regards to them both and thank them for their help

Your album ‘Upbeat Noise for Downtrodden People’ is like a hatchet to the side of the head, what are your highlights from it?

Thanks mate!, anything that leaves an impression is welcome. my personal highlight is knowing it fucked your head up, that’s it.

What have you got in the pipeline? Any new releases?

We have ten songs already recorded and they will come out as a self released 7” and a split LP with our good mates COITUS , watch out for those. we play sporadically so please come see us. we already have an albums worth of new songs that we hope will be our most evil stuff yet so there’s life in the old dogs yet.

How healthy do you think punk is in 2014?

punk endures, its in its blood. its great to have people at gigs etc but you got to take the highs with the lows. the only shit thing is the emergence of right wing bands and the boneheads, those fuckers ruined everything back in the 80s and they’ll do it again if you let them. I’m no uptight pc fool but there is no place for right wing horseshit in punk, they should all fuck off back to their local boozers and start glassing each other and just keep glassing each other until there’s none of them left.

Punk means a millions things to a million different people, but what does it mean to you?

Only Martin commented here “for a long time it meant everything and it was all I did/thought about , now it means something different; having a huge family all over the worlds and getting drunk with them and sharing the experience of life together through the spectrum of punk rock, great music loads of lunatics, misfits, freaks, losers and underdogs I love it.. the others will need to tell you their thoughts on this (but didn’t)”

We seem to be at a time where a lot of old punk bands are reforming, what are your thoughts on this?

it doesn’t upset me and since I’m a young 43 its a chance to see band is missed first time round too . In most cases its obvious that they are back for the cash, but take it at face value and enjoy it or don’t go see them let it accept you. Some old bands have come back and realised what they missed and got really involved back in the DIY scene and that’s great.

What gigs have you got coming up?

we have the wonderful Dirty Weekend planned that you should all go to, we love Elliot. and we play in Exeter on December 14th with Human Cull, thanks Edd.

What bands should we keep an eye out for?

(only Martin replied here) we actually don’t share much likes of bands between members and we all have very different tastes so new bands i presume you mean? well me myself personally BAD SAM and GRAND COLLAPSE from Wales DEATH TOLL 80K and KAPYKAARTI from Finland, THE FLEX from up north and LOTUS FUCKER from USA have all impressed me greatly lately.

Any final comments?

Thanks for bothering with us mate , we don’t get much attention and means a lot that you noticed us. on a serious note fuck the rise of the fascism,but don’t let anyone tell you cant hate Islam/medieval religions AND the Nazis, you should oppose them both from a humanitarian and secular level, this nationalist nonsense is just a con to keep the poor squabbling and us all divided. Treat them both as your enemy as all good punx should, after all we will be the first against the wall is either side got real power.

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