Could you give a brief history of your punk carer and a discography?

Got into punk in 1977, formed first band in 1978 called The Censored among other names we tried out, split up in early '79 due to falling out and sounding shit. Played first gig on guitar in 1980 with a band called Ammunition, only one gig done and then split up. Formed a band called Syndicate A in '81 but this never got beyond rehearsing. In 1982 joined Derby anarchist band The Collaborators and played about 5 gigs with them before splitting up. 1983 - 92 sang for Avoid, played all over the country, recorded 2 demos, and would have got somewhere if we weren't too lazy. Took a break from playing gigs for a few years but kept on practising guitar and started doing solo gigs from 1998 onwards. Released 4 of my own CDs and been on many compilations and played all over the UK.

How would you describe your sound?

I'd describe my sound as 'not yet as good as I'd like it to sound'.

Where do you get your ideas for songs? I mean, they’re not exactly the usual punk topics are they?

Get my ideas from things I see and hear, usually either stuff that pisses me off or things that amuse me.

Are any of your songs based on real people?

All my songs about people are based on real people, I've met the most weird and wonderful and not so wonderful.

Following on from this, do you think that politics and music mix?

Yeah, real life and people are politics; you don't just have to sing about the government to be political.

Acoustic punk seems to be all the rage at the moment, but what makes you stand out from your peers?

I think I'm better than most the acoustic punk acts as most of them sound like hippy protest singers from the 60s to me. Although I'd prefer to listen to Captain Hotknives than me.

What have you got lined up?

Got more gigs lined up for this year, written some new songs, so just plodding on as normal. Might do something with electric guitars, don't wanna become too predictable.

You’ve been into punk for a while now and seen trends come and go, but do you think punk is still relevant in the 21st century and if so why?

The state this world's in punk should be more relevant today than it ever has been. To the people who are into it this is true, to those who aren't it’s just looked at as a 70s teenage fad unfortunately. We need new anthems and new bands all the time to keep it fresh.

What bands should we keep an eye our for?

Bands to watch out for these days are Dirt Box Disco, RSI, Cyanide Pills, Thee Spivs, Total Bloody Chaos, Maid of Ace, The Kirkz, Faintest Idea and never give up on the UK Subs.

Any final comments?

Keep punk alive, support new bands as well as the old and buy me CD by the bucket load.

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