Interview with Billyclub

Who makes up the band, what do they do and what other bands have they played/play in?

(Karl) Karl Egghead (Guitar) 1st came on the scene with Xtract way back in 79, The Exploited – April 83 to may 85, back to Xtract, Broken Bones 86, UK Subs 90, 91 – 93, Johnny Bravo 93-95 Billyclub 95 –present, Phantom Rockers 98 and an off till 2010, GBH 2006-07 and Xtract on and off
(Andy) Andy (Drums), mostly local bands with varied successes with brief stints in Phantom Rockers, Xtract and the latest line up of Broken Bones.
(Chris – the new boy)…Brilliant band, pleasure to be on board.

How would you describe your sound and who are your influences?
(Karl) I guess we are loud aggressive tight fast. We have many influences mine is mostly punk with a bit of metal thrown in for good measure
(Andy) The Billyclub sound to me is hard, aggressive and in your face and if you don’t like it move the fuck aside cause were coming through whether you like it or not. I grew up with Thrash mainly: Metallica, Anthrax and Slayer. To me there are only two types of music: music you understand and stuff that you just can’t get into.
(Mok) Billyclub’s sound is hardcore but also melodic. I listen to a lot of influences, right across the board from the Stranglers to Metallica even very early Bowie and slade.

What is the most mental gig you’ve played and why?
(Karl) Mental gigs to me are when the crowd goes off…Paris was off the scale Subotica (Serbia) was the same also Novi Sad. We have played lots of crazy shows all over the place but is the crowd that make it happen and it’s the reason we still wanna get out and play
(Andy) Why did we play a mental gig? Because we were asked to play and people decided that standing still wasn’t an option.
(Mox) Best gig was Subotica in Serbia last year, it was mad! I was picked up on top of the crowd lol and still managed to sing the song,
What made you resurrect Billyclub after the split in 2001?
(Karl)I was not finished I love doing this it’s a major part of my life, I love playing my version of punk and see no reason to stop, plus its having our kid in the band that spurs me on I love it even more with him in the band! Andy has been there from the start of the UK line up and its great having him back there pounding the skins and now Chris joining us has stabilized the band its great having him on board!
(Mox) I used to listen to Billyclub when Karl lived in the States, he would send me the new CDs as they came out, so when he decided to come back I was buzzing to get Billyclub up and running. All this time and me and our kid had never jammed together, even though I sing in Billyclub I’ve played bass for over 30 years now and until 2002 never in a band with him lol

How would you say punk and punks have changed over the years?
(Karl) things change as you get older to me it’s all about the gigs now some things are still great other things like all the right wing and left wing bullshit just gets in the way, I also have no respect whatsoever for the so called punk rock police we won’t conform for anyone regardless, all the infighting is pathetic, punk is about freedom! That’s our mantra, if it makes you happy then do it!

How was playing in the Subs? Any interesting stories?
(Karl) I love the Subs and Charlie was, still is a major influence on me it was a fantastic time playing with him, I have loads of stories but usually it takes a few beers to get em flowing I can’t rattle em off to suit cos they are buried in my shaky

Punk has been going a long time now, do you think it’s still relevant and what gives it its longevity?
(Karl)Yes it has and it still shocks people that it’s still very relevant, I look at lyrics from 30yrs ago and they are still relevant today, so nothing has changed really. Punk still gives us an out and that’s what is refreshing you can’t pigeon hole it, the umbrella is massive with so much talent that comes under it! The punk scene truly is ageless and timeless I reckon it’s here for many years to come.
(Andy) Punk is as old as time, it’s not a genre, it’s an attitude. As long as people are pissed off with the situation they find themselves in it’ll be relevant.

You recently undertook a tour of the UK, how’d that go?
(Karl) We did about 4 shows with our good friends Vox Populi from Serbia, also the Vile and wasted life. I was a blast going out with old friends and I can think of nothing better than touring with friends, its allot of fun.
(Mox) The mini Uk tour was great, just like one big family on a four day party lol
(Andy) It was fucking tiring. I ended up playing 2 sets each night. The drummer from Vox Populi had his visa declined at the eleventh hour so I stepped in, keeps you on your toes.
What have you got planned for the near future? Any releases, gigs or further tours?
(Karl) We are booking shows, writing songs and getting ready to release a new album on CD, downloads and Vinyl. We are going to Ireland for the release party, then over to France, back to Serbia and hopefully some German dates. We are on at Rebellion; got plenty of UK dates basically any where we can play we will go!
What excites you about punk today?
(Karl) I still love the camaraderie, I enjoy playing shows and seeing old friends, making new friends, talking and having a good laugh with people, and it’s what it’s all about, long live punk!
(Andy) Andy) it’s one big fucked up dysfunctional family and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Any final comments?
Hope we can continue to play, write new songs, go on tour, keep meeting me fans and having a great time…punk till death!

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