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Interview with Certified

Could you give a brief history of Certified and a discography?

We formed in 2004 playing our first set in December at our mate Iggy’s birthday gig alongside Chaos UK. We released a 4 song EP `War Cunt` shortly after in 2005, then in 2006 we recorded and released `Piss in your Face` a 14 song studio album. In 2009 we released another 4 song EP called `I Hate`, so I suppose we’re long overdue another release!

How would you describe your sound?

UK82 and more…We have some diverse musical influences within the band and I guess that shows with our sound, we like to think we’re a bit different from the rest?

Who makes up the band and what do they do?

Sean Innocent on vocals, Sean Duggan on Guitars and Tim Knight on bass. And after a 5 year break we’ve got Dean our original drummer back.

What other bands have you all played in before and do any of you play in other bands?

Sean Innocent played bass for Braindance back in the 90’s, and Income Support in late 80’s and nowadays also plays bass for The Vile (along with Rat from The Varukers and Discharge). Sean Duggan played with the Vile for a bit and The Varukers for many years. Tim played bass for the London band `Gutrot` back in the 80’s alongside AOA’s Stevie, Axegrinder’s Darren and Argy Bargy’s Dalb….Now back to drummers! Dean hadn’t drummed before Certified, Thanks to Pommy from Riot Squad did a cracking job and served the longest, and also to Scott from FUK has also helped us out for many a gig. We’ve been up and down with drummers but we’re back on it now. And not forgetting Steve Knight from The Losers who played guitar from the beginning but left shortly after we did Piss in your Face.

Does it make it difficult with members being in other bands?

Sometimes, if the other bands are busy it can be difficult to focus. But Certified will fit gigs in wherever; if they are few and far between we’re sound with that. Were happy whether we’re watching or playing, either way we’ll always join you at the bar for a beer.

What gigs have you got coming up and are there any plans for a new album or EP?

We’re playing a Sunday matinee gig downstairs at The Old Angel on November 24th, then a few weeks after we’re supporting The Business at The Doghouse, Carlton on 6th December. Watch this space for more gigs and another release in 2014

What’s been the best and worst moment of Certified’s existence?

Supporting The Exploited in Glasgow was a blast and up there with our best ever gigs. The most surreal was supporting Pete Docherty on the main stage at Rock City, he popped into the Angel earlier on the day of the gig and he asked us to support him, the faces of the sell out crowd was priceless when we first blasted out fight to fight! The best was probably when we were support for the Discharge Tour in 2006. As for bad…when band members leave but apart from that, no regrets…ever!

After playing with most of punks bigger bands, is there anyone left you’d like to play with?

Sean’s dream gig is Motorhead with Certified, The Exploited and The Partisans supporting, that would be a good un! Tim would be happy with The Bad Brains, Dead Boys and fuck it, Black Sabbath!

What is there in punk to get excited about today and how healthy do you think the scene is at present?

The scene is healthy; some of those within it need a kick up the arse though. In this digital age communication seems to be a bit lacking, one example is the number of gigs going on with another one happening a stone’s throw away, as we seem to be getting fewer in numbers as the years go on it would be nice not to divide the crowd between gigs.

What bands should we keep an eye out for?

FUK, The Vile, X-Rays, Refusal

Any final comments?

Thanks for inviting us to do this interview, see you all next year and Happy Fucking Christmas!

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