Wolfgang Flu?r (Ex-Kraftwerk)

Sat 29th February 2020
@ The Old Courts - Wigan

Rising to fame as a member of the groundbreaking and legendary band KRAFTWERK, Wolfgang Flur played a key part in the innovation of electronic dance music through the 70’s & 80’s.

Hailing from Frankfurt, Germany, Wolfgang helped to create the iconic, simplistic, robotic electro sound which has defined the standard in the genre. Sampled by Missy Elliot, Madonna and many many more, this brand of industrial, functional electronic music swept the globe. A huge part of the phenomenon is the accompanying, mind bending visuals. Wolfgang brings his solo show MUSIKSOLDAT which comprises all of the now standard components with sharp aesthetic and relentless efficiency. A heavy influence on artists from Daft Punk to Kanye West, the true impact of this music CANNOT be overstated. This is a chance to be up close and personal for a live performance with an electro legend.

Approximate stage times to be confirmed

Saturday 29th of February 2020 | The Grand Vault: Entrance 3 | Doors and Bar open at 7:30pm

Tickets £18.00 available in advance and £20.00 on the door

Disclaimer Please note we have multiple venues in the same building and each has their own Style and Configuration, please make sure that you are comfortable with the Venue prior to booking tickets. This Event is: Standing Only – There is no provision for seating in this Venue for this event, if you are unable to comfortably stand for the shows duration we may be able to assist with access seats but this is only in limited circumstances and when medically necessary, we cannot guarantee that access seats in this venue will provide a clear and uncompromised view of the stage.