USS Presents: La Confrontation (The Display Team/anarchistwood)

Fri 09th March 2018


Unstoppable Sweeties Show is a post-pronk ensemble formed in the year of the fire monkey, 2016.

Punk, progressive rock, psychedelic, free improvisation, jazz, spoken word, avant-garde, noise, and comedy – presented as three-minute nuggets for your convenience.

Unstoppable Sweeties Show released their 1st album mid fire rooster and intend their second release to come out early fire dog.


The Display Team play the sort of tunes a condemned clown might whistle en route to the gallows, at once challenging, uplifting, sinister and beautiful. Or so says their mum. If you like energetic, wonky rock musics like Cardiacs, NoMeansNo, XTC or Mr. Bungle, there may be something for you. If you don’t, there may still be something for you. If you like an easy ride, this is not the gig for you. GO AWAY.


Self-proclaimed “Prank Rock” band.

“They create a post-punk sound of their own with a creative song structure, the singer beginning one song with a short rap, and in another falling into something close to opera singing. Imagine if The Slits had existed in our time and founded The 80s Matchbox B-Line Disaster and teamed up with Amanda Palmer of The Dresden Dolls. Then you’d have something similar to anarchistwood.”
Ellen Melin on anarchistwood

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