Twisted Wheel

Sat 17th March 2018
@ Hot Banana Music Shop - Holmfirth

Twisted Wheel announce a small up close and personal pre Tour
St Patrick’s Day Charity gig in Holmfirth below Hot Banana Music shop
The gig will be limited number of tickets only, so move fast if you fancy coming down.
It’s the only chance of catching the band before the tour starts and the first time in 8 years that Jonny Brown and TWs original drummer Adam Clarke have played live together.
Its also a chance to meet two new members Harry Lavin (Bass) and Richard Allsopp ( Guitar)
Tickets are £10 with £5 from each sale being donated to the charity Drugfam
Drugfam is charity that provides a lifeline of safe and caring support to families, friends and partners affected by someone else’s drug or alcohol use.
The Charity was set up by Elizabeth Burton-Philips MBE who lost one her her twin boys to drug addiction in 2004 and who went on to write the heartbreaking book
Mum can you lend me twenty quid.

For Twisted Wheel, Snakes and Ladders is not just a board game, it’s a CV. Born in the backwaters of Oldham in 2007, the young band, fronted by the feral, precocious Jonny Brown, roared into the race of indie rock with such anthems as ‘You Stole The Sun’, ‘She’s a Weapon’ and ‘Lucy The Castle’. Their irrepressible energy and ability to deliver inspired rock’n’roll gained them the support slots with Oasis, Kasabian, Paul Weller, The Courteeners, The Happy Mondays and Ian Brown to name but a few, as well as sell-outs on their first UK and European tours.
Constant touring across the UK, Europe and Japan the UK (thanks to the Grass Route movement and the big festivals) led to a solid fanbase despite the dramatic trajectory of its frontman, Jonny Brown – or maybe because of it. Twisted Wheel has indeed rocked and rolled, been smashed up, fallen off the wagon, gone solo, kicked to the kerb before finding its groove and getting back on it, full speed ahead.
The unlikely combination of elegance and raw inspiration, the familiar coupled with the random, make Twisted Wheel an undeniably popular act that delivers the goods in a way few bands can. But ‘Snakes and Ladders’ is a tour and album far closer to the bone that anything previous. The band has grown up and Brown’s song structures and lyrics are on another level, beyond haggard experience now, worn in with wisdom and wit. As he says: ‘The song ‘Smash It Up’ epitomised me. I set out to do things and was on the road comfortably and then I turned off and smashed it to bits. I get stuck into things with a passion and then I have to destroy it when the passion’s gone. Mess everything up so that I’m free again to reinvent, create.’ And ‘Snakes and Ladders’ is frankly about the band blowing the ladders of opportunity they were given and the snakes which led to them falling off the board. It’s a tour about getting back in the game, finding opportunity again and avoiding those slithery serpents.
Twisted Wheel is back like a man from the dead and with tunes to make up for time lost.
The Oldham four spoker sees the return of Twisted Wheel’s original drummer Adam Clarke, new members Richard Allsopp ( Guitar) Harry Lavin (Bass) and Jonny Brown ( Guitar/Vocals)
The band have a gang of songs above and beyond their previous best, recording at a studio in Manchester as this goes to press.
A new UK tour starts in April with a singles dropping in late April and July , festivals booked and a further tour before the album release in the autumn. The band built a great foundation through the Grass Route venues which were the genuine ladders through which Twisted Wheel gained its success. A decade later, and they are still how Twisted Wheel gain access to the game this time avoiding the pitfalls.
The tours is selling far better than we imagined with many venues either already sold out or about to sell out.
We also have some massive support slots to announce very soon !!

Twisted Wheel were one of the hardest working bands in 2009, gaining the PRS Award for playing the most gigs of any young band. They are grafters, rock n rollers but with the edge of genuine poetry; few can forget Jonny’s ‘Bouncing Bomb’ or ‘What’s Your Name?’ but audiences will be hungry for his more poignant blues numbers on this tour. ‘We’re not just in a rock ‘n’ roll, punk box. I write a range of songs. This time, more of my poetry will come out which focuses on things that matter, a commentary on what’s going on in the world. Bands play it safe because they don’t want to upset people. But your job as an artist is to say what others can’t, to speak the truth.’
Twisted Wheel it may have been bad, bent and broken but it’s back, a band with integrity, fun and experienced authority.