Trash Landing: Atomic Suplex, Los Pepes, Electric Shakes, Flash House +more

Sun 11th March 2018
@ New Cross Inn - London

All-day rock’n’roll madness!!
Tickets in advance only £5! (OTD £7)

Atomic Suplex
Rock’n’roll machine

Los Pepes
Loudest powerpop band on Earth

The Electric Shakes
MC5 & Motorhead raise a devil child on early ‘DC and some heavy boogie then let it run feral

Rock n Roll dystopia. Fast songs played by slow minds

Randy Savages
the missing link between cheap speed and Cheap Trick

Horrible one minute thrash skate noise punk

Moto Vamp
a lethal dose of Russ Meyer-moto babe-psychedelic-garage-punk-madness!

tight, buzzy, high-velocity junk-rock that sounds sorta like the scariest dudes in town jamming on Chuck Berry tunes