The Western Players Presents ‘father’s Day’ By Eric Chappell

Wed 13th June 2018
@ Arts Centre - Swindon

It’s a cold winter’s evening and bitter, irascible divorcé Henry is enjoying a scotch and some classical music in glorious solitude. He is soon disturbed, however, by the unwelcome appearance of his son Matthew, bringing with him his new girlfriend, the unappealing punk/Goth Christine.

Matthew is obviously keen for a reconciliation with his father, but Henry is quite happy the way things are, and sparks soon fly but this is just the beginning, for who should arrive next but Henry’s ex-wife, Matthew’s mother, Sue!

As the cold night wears on Henry and Sue can’t help but rake over the ashes of their seemingly dead relationship. To their surprise the faint glow of a new tenderness develops between them and before long Henry is facing some important decisions.