The Bossmags / Kicking Seagulls / Black Eyes, Live at Percy's

Event Date - Saturday, 23 October 2021
Venue - Percy's Cafe Bar, Whitchurch SY13 1DW

POW Promotions and Percy's Cafe Bar proudly present...


CURIO PUNK Cheap punk potion tricks concocted with an abundance of flavours.

Or, Experimental Swing Pirate Jazz-core (Dying Scene)

Curio Punk; The spine of which is a punk rock/ ska band with spooky vibes, that cover a range of bases and really try to encapsulate the feeling of looking into a cabinet filled with a plethora of curious trinkets put together in one place. You'll hear everything from techno circus to dub metal in our synth and brass driven stage show. We're quite energetic and really try to bring a party to wherever we're playing whilst also being a little theatrical.

Prepare to immerse yourself in the phantasmagorical, cheap punk fairground ride of (The Mighty) Bossmags. Oddball purveyors of wildly high-energy, carnivalesque, theatrical, comedic and heavily themed madcap punk rock experimentations.

First created in Warrington, UK as a nefarious punk circus experiment, they escaped the funfair laboratory & emerged first during a live performance in July 2016. Further aiming to defile the constrictions of punk and ska music with their own tongue-in-cheek black blend of horror & intrigue, they’ve sought the blood of influences ranging right across the spectrum, anywhere between metal, swing, dub & disco, whilst still maintaining the cirque du punk roots.

You’re guaranteed to be kept guessing what’s coming next and you may just groove your hips, lift your knees & flail your neck around like you need an exorcism, which you may in fact actually need. With a repertoire consisting of the supernatural, surreal, sinful & politically disdainful, Bossmags have driven their curious live show up and down, here and there across several countries, and will most likely be there in your trousers before you can say Johnny the Claw.

So, allow them to grab your ears and tear you headfirst into their repertoire of death-defying, curious and poetic portrayals of the evils to be found in old houses, forests, at sea, caves in the glens, fast food chains, government offices, drugs, and so on, presented in a cabaret-style show with various masks, props, characters and strange goings on. If you dare.

Curio Punx

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Kicking Seagulls: Punk/Ska/Rock 'n' Roll/Social Commentary.

Formed in 2018 near Talacre Beach, North Wales.

Rising like a gull-faced phoenix from the ashes of long forgotten Punk bands... 'Kicking Seagulls' spit social commentary around Seaside Towns and steal chips.

More intrepid and audacious than any pasty stealing seagull with more hooks than a long-line!

Kicking Seagulls champion and frequent Seaside Towns...hide your black bins!

Debut EP Demonstration" OUT NOW

“It sounds like, you know, cheap sweaty fun, kinda blood and poetry and an elevating skank for the first time on BBC Radio Wales, Kicking Seagulls....” – Adam Walton, BBC Radio Wales 01.12.18


Fast, loud and aggressive hardcore punk 3-piece from Warrington, England, UK.

Ryan - guitar and vocals

Matt - bass and vocals

Ben - drums


Set times:

BLACK EYES 8:45pm - 9:30pm

KICKING SEAGULLS 9:45pm - 10:30pm

THE (MIGHTY) BOSSMAGS 10:45pm - 11:45pm

Times are approximated and may be subject to change


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Or donations are welcome at the bar on the night of the event.


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