The Barstool Preachers plus guests

Thu 05th March 2020

Roll up, roll up! We’ve got some new ground over Hadrian’s Wall to conquer, we’ve got a GREAT up and coming festival with some class acts, we’ve got Dave Hindmarsh, we’ve got Babs, we’ve got the return to Redrum, we’ve got The WATERLOO MUSIC BAR BLACKPOOL… ARGH!


Honestly, this is going to be a bloody fiesta and after most venues selling out last tour, we can’t wait to travel our great country again and see all of our friends and family. We’ve also got a big old world to try and tour now, and want to make our U.K. parties more special than ever and this might be the only time we get to tour it. So please, share this, tell your mates, buy them a present!