tAngerinecAt//The Battery Farm//Richard Warwick

Fri 17th April 2020
@ The Star and Garter - Manchester

tAngerinecAt on tour!
Manchester. The Star & Garter. Friday 17 April
Doors: 7pm. £6 ADV / £8 OTD
Tickets: https://bit.ly/2FESXIq

Tangerinecat (UK via Ukraine)

Nothing is quite like a hurdy-gurdy. The tone of the ancient instrument is a bit like that of a viola, a bit like an accordion, and more than a little like an analog synthesizer on an otherworldly setting. But while the hurdy-gurdy is associated with folk dances and medieval courts, in the hands of a master, it can make music that’s strikingly modern. Eugene Purpurovsky of tAngerinecAt is a musician like that, and the hurdy-gurdy is the hand-cranked engine that powers the duo’s remarkable sound.

tAngerinecAt matches the Ukranian-born Purpurovsky’s hurdy-gurdy, voice, provocative lyrics, and production with the sound transformation, synths, bagpipes, and ethereal whistles and recorders of musician and sound designer Paul Chilton. Originally formed in Ukraine, where Chilton lived and studied music and the band has historical and musical roots, tAngerinecAt are now based in the UK. Both artists contribute samples, ambient noises, and processed beats that evoke DIY techno, raw punk rock, and spectral folk traditions in equal measure. The resulting hybrid is music out of time: songs that could only have been made during the troubled days of the twenty-first century, but replete with echoes of ancient triumphs and tragedies.

Many Kettles, the pair’s fourth album, casts a particularly dark spell. This is electronic music with a furious human pulse: a bold dance in the face of cruel authority that evokes “the feeling of a rave in a mausoleum” as Ben Knight LeftLion put it. It’s also an outlet for Purpurovsky’s fiery statements of intent. The singer and hurdy-gurdy player has plenty to say about the parlous state of the world; “I Don’t Want To Be A White Master,” the kickoff track on the album, is a furious rejection of the rising global culture of fascism and cruelty. Through tAngerinecAt, Purpurovsky strikes back at oppression of all kinds – class, cultural, economic, ethnic, gender, and interpersonal – and invites the listener to join the resistance.

They have four independently released, successfully selling albums that have had airplay on BBC 2, BBC 3 and BBC 6. The band has toured internationally in Ukraine, UK and Russia.

“tAngerinecAt have been playing gigs at the Adelphi long before they were tAngerinecAt! Even back in the days of their previous incarnation of Dark Patrick, they were always Adelphi favourites.

During our 35 years of running a fully independent underground music venue, we’ve come to terms with the fact that our most important mission is ‘to move music forward as an art form’ and tAngerinecAt fill that description whole heartedly.

They are not background music that you hear on the radio whilst you move things along a conveyor belt, do the washing up or try and cop off to.

They are music that you listen to and for it subsequently “feel” to and get transported by.

With the added bonus of always generating a dance floor and a room full of happy sweaty people.

Plus, how often do you get to rave to a Hurdy Gurdy?!

True one of a kinds, a delight to work with and always a top choice for any billing.” – Mat Oliphant. Manager at The New Adelphi Club (the legendary venue that recently won the 2019 Outstanding Achievement and Contribution to Grassroots Music Venues Award, where bands such as Radiohead, Pulp and recently Fatboy Slim played)

“Watch out for: tAngerinecAt… this is some of the most powerful music I have heard in a long time…” – LOUDER THAN WAR

“tAngerinecAt brought not just synth to the table, but a whole range of physical, classical instruments into the mix – most noticeably their use of the hurdy-gurdy, to make their music the deep notes of severe doom and dread that gave it the feeling of a rave in a mausoleum…”- Ben Knight, LEFTLION

“Tangerinecat exploded into my world and I’m a happier man for it! Awesome energy and multidisciplinary. Myself and the team at New Art Exchange really appreciated your work.”

– Jason Pollitt?, NEW ART EXCHANGE

“I’ve never seen someone play a hurdy-gurdy so punk…”




The Battery Farm

Gutter Punk four-piece from Manchester playing punishing, pulverising rock music brimming with pain and passion. The Battery Farm was formed in March 2019 by brothers Ben and Dominic Corry. It was formed as a cry of despair; a terrified and furious response to a world that rapidly seems to be going wrong. This is reflected in the sound of the band which is frantic, visceral and violent but also laced with beauty and melody. Their sound has been compared to bands like IDLES, PIL, Fugazi and Pere Ubu while maintaining something thrillingly real, original and human. They write about themselves and the world they see around them with guttural honesty and searing compassion.

They released their debut single ‘97/91’ in July 2019 to extremely positive reviews. Their second single ‘I Am a Man’ followed to further acclaim with music blog Dreamin’ is Free calling it ‘a fitting anthem for our times’. They are rapidly winning hearts and minds by bringing people something that is real, passionate, and raw. They are presenting something borne from personal experience that chimes with the difficulties and anxieties that a lot of people face today, and people are responding to it. Life’s a battery farm. It’s a sick, sick world.

‘A visceral, guttural punk noise with echoes of Idles, The Fall and Fugazi’ – Manchester Evening News

‘As great a slice of Doom Punk as you are likely to hear’ – Louder Than War

‘Essential’ – New Sounds Paper

‘Powerful stuff’ – German Shepherd Records

‘Tortured, beautiful noise’ – A1M Records

‘Gutter Punk at its ferocious Best’ – Lemon Fire Brigade Podcast

‘A bold and vital band’ – Beat in my Bones

‘With artists like The Battery Farm we are more than optimistic about the future of music, and even the universe’ – Vanadian Avenue Blog

‘Low budget, snarling, attitude filled music’ – Reyt Good Magazine

‘An appealingly vicious sound’ – GigRadar



Richard Warwick

Fingerstyle guitarist from Oldham who specialises in creating and performing note-precise solo arrangements of pieces such as Avril 14th, Tubular Bells and Moonlight Sonata. Generally playing a steel string acoustic, his set varies from complex Bach fugues to jazz-treated Nirvana songs as well as visually impressive fingerstyle pieces by guitarists such as Andy McKee and John Renbourne.

Excitingly, this will be the first gig for which Richard will be performing on 8-string classical guitar, for the pieces Recuerdos De La Alhambra and Moonlight Sonata (2nd mv).


THE STAR & GARTER – Manchester
Friday 17th April 2020
Ticket Price: £6 ADV / £8 OTD
Tickets: https://bit.ly/2FESXIq

Accessibility: The venue is upstairs