Splodgenessabounds at New Cross Inn

An Alternative Gathering and Monkish are proud to present the beer and crisp loving Splodgenessabounds and more besides.

Doors 4pm

Back in 1980 seven Geezers and two Girls made up a fun band Splodgenessabounds and some how got a couple of top ten hits. 36 years later Max Splodge is still drinking and making people smile.
Splodgenessabounds was formed in a cab office called Baron Cars on Queens Road, Peckham. The band were originally fronted by Max Splodge and his girlfriend of the time, who was known as Baby Greensleeves. The band won a recording contract with Deram Records after finishing runner-up in the 1979 Battle Of The Bands contest, even though Deram was planning to cease all activities in the music markets outside of classical music. The band’s first release for Deram in 1980 was “Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps Please”. The song was released as a triple A side vinyl single, along with “Simon Templer” (a pastiche of the theme tune of the TV series, Return of the Saint featuring the character Simon Templar) and “Michael Booth’s Talking Bum”.

With Special Guests:

5 piece cabaret punk band from London formed in 2005. Grown men who should really know better playing a cacophony of utter nonsense in the key of E, usually.
Sounding Like Johnny Moped, Anal Beard, Emergency Bitter, anarchistwood, Alberto y Lost Trios Paranoias.


Where folk and punk collide to provide a passion infused commentary that is as raw and honest as it comes … Hailing from the Potteries Headsticks’ distinct brand of punked up roots rock and roll blends barbed lyrics, anthemic choruses, and addictive melodies to create passion infused performances oozing honesty, integrity and raw energy, all delivered with a wry humour! Live performances, as well as their debut album ‘Muster’ and follow up album ‘Feather and Flame’ continue to receive rave reviews from pillars of both the world of folk and world of punk and it is little wonder that their unique style is attracting attention from near and far as the band continue their epic crusade to say it like it is!

Hooligan (Dublin)
Rally cry guitars, hammering drums.. with a sound ripped right out of 1977, these boys play with a ton of passion and really compelling talent…The songs are infectious, they are soaked in tight guitar riffs, horns, dub style bass lines, soul music and swagger..
Formed in Dublin, Ireland in October 2009….. Kickin’ up a racket in different corners of Europe & the west coast USA eva since!


Underclass UK
Underclass UK was born out of the cultural toilet that was Dagenham in the early eighties. They play Hard Rocking street punk that shows off their roots in the ’80s scene. Comparisons to bands Exploited or Cockney Rejects are not without warrant, as there is an inherent rawness to what they’re doing. It’s explicit and honest.

The Riders of the Night
The band were formed in North London in 2006 and released their debut record in the same year.The band are currently recording and producing a video for their next single “Naughty Girl” due for an early summer release.

The Fanny Pads
A hard and heavy duty punkrock band formed in late 2004 who’ve shared the stage with bands such as UK Subs, Abrasive Wheels, Cockney Rejects, 999 and Red Flag 77 to name but a few.
Their debut album “Two Sides To Every Story” is currently on release and selling very well!