Running With Wolves

Fri 16th March 2018
@ Dublin Castle - London

Running With Wolves- female fronted hard rock/metal- grunge and groove rock with a raunchy vocalcomparable to Grace Solero with Zep nuances. Kick it fine style.

Kujara – Stoner rock with a crafted take on the genre…not an all out sonic assault from the get go (like others in the field) Kujara take a more measured approach with their tunes building before the noise kicks in, like a more atmospheric Melvins…

Digital Criminals- Feisty female fronted rock/metal outta Wales with an electro interface which recalls Nine Inch Nails…

Angel Spit- a spirited take on punky pop metal from this all girl 4 piece, and with only the one gig under their bullet belts thus far these women show immense promise.

The Survival Code Guitar/drums duo rocking a hard ass Muse cum Royal Blood alterno rushdo.ething of Futureheads in their harmonic wall of vocals too.