Quiet Riots 4 – Babar Luck (ex-King Prawn) + support

Sun 25th February 2018

Stripped back punk rock meets comedy, art, literature and performance art in a scrimmage topped off with a dumb competition with a prize. What could possibly go wrong.

Ex-King Prawn hero makes his way back up to the Granite City. Hands down, one of the most captivating acts I’ve seen in my entire life with meanigful and well thought out lyrics covering a whole range of instances. Not to be missed by anyone… ever.

GREEN BEERS (Aberdeen)
Of course they’re playing a Quiet Riots gig, one day they won’t thought and you’ll all be gutted. Local heros sneak their way onto another bill, how DO they do it!

AZAM KHAN (Portsmouth)
Lead singer for the brilliant, and I mean fantastic, Hungry and The Hunted, Azam comes up the road with Babar to play his part in this gig, which is sure to be a belting night.

So we’ve had a hot sauce competition, followed the world’s most lacklustre hot dog eating competition and then a dooking for candy cane challenge where we opted for no water to save the venue from destruction… but we need a new challenge! Suggest now!

First Prize: A bottle of Vodka (or £10 worth of Non-Booze if you wish)

As always if you want to show off/sell your art, feel free to come on down, we don’t charge any stalls to be here.

APX Distro and Canvases
Plenty more spaces. Get in touch! All locals artists welcome and it’s free to have a stall.

Sunday February 25th 2017
The Cellar (Formerly Vulture Lounge)
Doors 6pm // End 10pm // £6