🎅🎄 9th December - LAST CHRISTMAS 2021 ORDER DATE 🎄🎅

Punk 4 The Homeless winter half dayer

Event Date - Saturday, 27 November 2021
Venue - Sumac Centre, Nottingham

Half day gig and vegan meal in support of Hope Orphanage, Sierra Leone
Suggested running order:-
4.45-5.15-Sue Larue
5.30-6- Paul Carbuncle
6.15- 6.45- Blue Vulture
7-7.30- Break
7.30-8- Ignitemares
8.20- 8.50-Disaster Forecast
9- 9.30- Activistas
9.45-10.15 - Truth Equals Treason

On Saturday @ Punk 4 The Homeless winter half dayer Peoples Kitchen will be Peruvian potato, peanut and bean stew and Mexican wedding cookies (orange, anise and almond). Lovingly cooked by Hannah Bigger. Grub @ 7pm. You know it will be beautiful. Gig starts @ 4pm.

We will also be taking in food for the foodbank.

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