Event Date - Wednesday, 20 October 2021
Venue - Poco Loco, Chatham ME4 4DS

Tickets £5 on the door!

Comedy Techno Punk underground legends "Petrol Bastard" are the self proclaimed "Tesco value Prodigy". They are well known for their incredibly rude and extreme stage shows. They have supported acts such as 999, UK Subs, Kunt & The Gang, Goldie Lookin Chain, The Cheeky Girls (bizarrely), Anti Nowhere League, Dickies, Killdren. They also recorded songs with bands including Kunt & The Gang and DOA.
Check out a few of their songs here -

Petrol Hoers is the world's only purveyor of "digital horsecore", a blend of aggressive punk and noisy drum+bass but with a surreal horse flavour. Tom Robinson has described Petrol Hoers as "one of the oddest and most original artists its ever been my pleasure to come across in the last 15 years of @bbcintroducing"
Feel their pain here -

Killdren are a two-bit rave-punk band with a smelly attitude who hail from Tunbridge Wells.

Sitting uneasily between straight-up nihilism and fresh-faced naivety,
Killdren pen politically charged slapstick anthems.
They form the ideal soundtrack to the worst generation in history.
Check them out here -

Vesicarum are a visceral and energetic death metal five-piece from Kent. You can check their Brutal and very Kentish sound here -

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