Paddy’s Nightmare: KBS/Static/Scuts/Bug/HanginJ/Babes/Dan Peters

Sat 17th March 2018

Free entry punk rock gig to celebrate the art of falling over. Come on down and celebrate Paddy’s Day with some bands and a lot of booze!

Kilburn Bomb Squad
4 piece oi punk band banging out the tunes and drinking outrageous amounts of Guiness! Check them out here:

Static Personality
An indie punk band hailing from ole High Wycombe. We bring you energy, rhymes and tales about meat, trees and flies.

The Scuts
Three piece punk band calling the Tories out on their constant shit! F**K THE TORIES! Also sings about other random nonsense! Check them out here:

Bug Central
Three piece London based anarcho-punk band. Have a listen here:

The Babes
The Babes are a trio of misfits that play snotty, two fingers in the air punk rock with bagpipes.Clean out your lugholes here:

Hangin’ Johnny
Hangin’ Johnny is a rag tag folk punk project in London. Combining elements of Punk, Folk, Country and Gypsy with seething vocals and hardcore energy.

Dan Peters
Dan Peters (RXR) Frontman of RxR . Doing that thing where people who are “punk” play acoustic music and still insist they’re punk. Like he needs any more Frank Turner parallels!!