Northstar Rising: Build-Your-Own Steampunk Festival

Fri 13th July 2018

What is Northstar Rising?

Beyond a first class Steampunk event featuring music from Mr B. Victor Sierra, Kiss Like Ether, Feline and Strange, and more, Northstar Rising is a new concept: A build-your-own steampunk festival…want to chill out with great music? you can do that…want to shop at amazing steampunk markets? you can do that…want to BE the character you have created? you can do that too.

Based at the amazing Moor House Adventure Centre near the historic city of Durham, we not only have ample camping in a drained, managed, purpose built campsite, but also a tent village for those who want an easier weekend, and a variety of dorm rooms for those who’d prefer a roof over their head. We have 19 acres of mixed woodland and fields to play on, camping for up to 1000, and we’re only 10 minutes from Durham city. Being based at the site gives us access to a vast array of activities that you won’t commonly find at other events – the weekend will feature Pirate, Explorer, Post Apocalypse, and Gentlemanly/Ladylike combat themed activities supervised by professional instructors and will include rifle, pistol and crossbow shooting, archery, high ropes/rigging challenges, climbing, adventurer skills, Victorian martial arts, pirate combat and much more – and completion of the courses will earn you a medal to recognise your new skills!. We’ll also be offering trips off site – ghost walks, gin crawls, tours of historic sites, visits to Locomotion rail museum, and more!

On site, as well as accommodation and activities, there will be 2 stages (acoustic and electric), 2 market areas, a steampunk cafe, a camping supply shop, and a large bonfire area! You can do as much or as little as you like. Steampunk is all about building things – why not build your festival?

How does it work?

Choose a base ticket – either a full weekend or a day ticket

Add accommodation – either camping, tent village, or dorm…or stay off site in one of the vast number of local hotels and B&Bs

Add activities if you like – themed activities will consist of four or five 60-90 minute sections, all equipment supplied

Add trips if you like – trips include travel to and from locations, and may include guides and discounts

Pay for everything in one go from your shopping cart

What’s the plan?
We’ll be announcing performers over the next couple of months, detailing the available activities in the next week or so, looking for the best traders for the markets, and taking feedback from you so that we can add the activities that YOU want – want to go caving or canoeing? we can probably sort that – this is going to be the event that you want it to be!

What about Northstar credit?

The cancellation of Airship Northstar due to the effects of weather on the event field was a black day, but has led to this – an event in an area that is easier to get to, better equipped, and designed from the (under)ground up to be proof against anything the UK weather can throw at us. We will finish refunds very soon, but those who chose to claim Northstar credits can apply them to tickets to Northstar Rising and the activities and trips there we will be offering (use the ‘contact us’ form to request this before booking)