Nice As Pie 2019

Fri 08th November 2019
@ Wharf Chambers - Leeds

Let’s get dancing, watch punk, celebrate womxn, eat pie, get happy!


Boom Boom Racoon –
Bin-loving, state-hating ska kids who play angry offbeat folk music

Brassick –
Explosive hi-energy punk from the Midlands, with ska and metal influences and an aniti facist, pro equality message

Casual Nausea –
Racous DIY punk from Ipswich. Fast and aggressive yet strangely catchy. ‘Ave it!

Drones –
Exciting 5 piece London-based punk/alternative group on Lockjaw Records, bringing politics to the forefront of music

Falaun –
Fast, raging anarcho/hardcore punk from Liverpool

Follow Your Dreams –
Complicated, dissonant and breakneck hardcore punk with a political streak

In Evil Hour –
Melodic, hardcore punk rock from the North East

Menstrual Cramps –
Queer riot grrl punk from London/Bristol smashin’ the fash!

Mr Shiraz –
Who the hell is Mr Shiraz?!?!! Punk/Metal/Funk/Groove/Hardcore from Huddersfield

Pardon Us –
Mild mannered/severely polite melodic punk rock from Liverpool

Plot 32 –
Party Ska Punk from Leeds guaranteed to get you dancing!

Pretty Pistol –
Loud 4-piece garage punk from London combining melds of furious shouts, frenzied riffs and pummelling drums

Sarah Carey –
Punk/Emo/Folk acoustic singer-songwriter from Leeds/Bradford

Sewer Cats –
Punk duo from Manchester with offbeat rhythmical tunes about cats, tennis and smashing the patriarchy

Unknown Era –
Party heads from Nottingham, mixing genres such as Ska, Reggae, Hip-Hop, Funk, Soul and Gypsy to make songs that are catchy and make people move

Watchcries –
Metal/Hardcore/Punk from Brighton FFO heavy AF riffs!

Nice As Pie will be held at Wharf Chambers, a cooperative club and safe space –