New Cross Inn and TTW present a benefit for Papyrus

The first in a series of benefit shows for PAPYRUS Prevention of Young Suicide.

River Jumpers
The Yacht Club
The Dub Righters
The Resuscitators
Tom Aylott
Mean Ceaser
Clown Smash Everything
Half A Chicken
Sucking Grunts

22.00- 22.45- River Jumpers
Brighton Punk Rock

21.30- 22.00- The Yacht Club
“Not only is every note utterly delectable but his voice and strong lyrics, more akin to the prose of the metaphysics in their conceits and imagery, give The Yacht Club/Marcus Gooda that stand out trait that no-one else I have heard possesses”: F.M.L Blog

“London based session musician Marcus Gooda adds a gem to the works. The “Math rock” genre, although small in its efforts somehow mostly always seems to produce these quirky experimental delights…”A” is classy and ploppingly good!”: Leedsmusicscene.

” From this record you may clearly hear the influence of the above Pennines, all your favorite American Football in general 90th midwest….We recommend this EP for all lovers of easy-listening math rock” – Math- Rock Online

“What you guys can expect from this ep? Just good music with the beautiful 90s influence mixed with Math Rock. That is, AWESOME!”: Breaking the Music

20.45-21.15- The Dub Righters
Punks playing Reggae/Ska influenced by hip hop/soul/whatever else.

20.00- 20.30- Resuscitators
We’ll skip the partying and go right to the throwing up

19.45- 20.15- Tom Aylott
I grew up in Dorset, and have learned everything the hard way ever since.

I’ve been a guest on Radio One as a journalist, I’ve played in front of thousands of people as a bass player for my friend Rob Lynch, I’ve been to more festivals than you can probably ever think to count.

I’m going it alone at the moment with my own music, and I have no idea how long I’ll do it for. I’ve released A LOT in my first couple years and am always writing new music, so maybe I’ll see you soon.

FFO: Ted Leo, Against Me!, Tom Petty

19.00- 19.30- Mean Ceaser-
A new band featuring members of 46 Itchy, Athens Polytechnic, Atomic Newt Beaver, The Barrymores, Crystal Piss, Emanican, The Exhausts, Flat Earth, Fletch Cadillac, Great Cynics, Handsome Man, Her High Heels, Horse, It’s Not OK, Love In Hundreds, The Murderburgers, Myelin, Pure Graft, Rivalries, Up In Arms, Visual Offence, Werecats and Writhe.

6.15- 6.45- Depresstival

‘Depresstival’ is Lottie Bowater, long term West-Wight (Isle of Wight) resident and ex-keys player/singer from Mista Mushroom, DuRT and I<3audrey! It's fairly cynical songs over jaunty melodies (I guess). It's described as antifolk mainly. Watch me talk about how I accidentally ate some wire and got my head caught in a fan (that's right, I've put it to music). Here is a summary of what else I've been doing with my life. Been up in London for a few years, studying philosophy, playing accordion in various other punk bands, touring around mainland Europe, playing piano, making documentary and generally whining about stuff….had a vague stint of going viral on Youtube for generally making an idiot out of myself - that’s when the hate mail really started. But it does mean I have more in common with cats and Rebecca Black, so in my mind, that counts as a success. Got a show up to Edinburgh Fringe a little while a go which was fun. I’m terrible at writing this sort of thing, and I realise I am no longer writing in the third person, even though that's what you're supposed to do in press materials. But that's why I'm “working” in music as opposed to P.R. HAHAHA “WORKING”. I spend a lot of time looking at birds as well. We get parakeets in London, so that’s good and fun to look at. Sometimes I record the sounds they make. Last week we were filming a scene where I repeatedly fell backwards into a swimming pool. 5.30- 6.00- Clown Smash Everying It's a real hard rock facemelter. 4.45- 5.15- Half A Chicken Beer, anti-fascist, making you think, politics, disliking umbrella's, hugging new friends, following your dreams, not taking no for an answer, doing something to make something better, punk, beauty, not moaning, enjoying everything, challenging stereotypes, laughing, singing together, DIY, challenging yourself, one world, being stabbed in the bum when 7, being with friends and loved ones.....LIVING.....this is what the music is about! 4.00-4.30- Sucking Grunts Female fronted Punk band from Norwich £5 adv