Migraines/Overload/Jawless/Acolytes – Rob’s Birthday Gig <3

Sat 17th February 2018
@ T.Chances - London

***!!!This is an open event!!!***
Still waiting on band confirmations but entry will not be more than a fiver

Migraines – Bristol skaters playing anything but generic hardcore punk. Expect a mad performance with wacky songs and drunk singalongs.
FFO: Gang Green, JFA, GG Allin


OVERLOAD – Totally unconventional and eclectic Oi!/streetpunk from Cambridge with some of the best songwriting in the UK punk scene. Compelling stage presence and ecstatic live energy, if these don’t get you moving nothing will.
FFO: Abrasive Wheels, Motörhead, Venom, Nabat


Jawless – Thrashy riffs and Cleveland style hardcore savagery with a ferocious frontwoman. These guys blow me away every single time I see them.
FFO: Integrity, All Out War, 100 Demons

Acolytes – Noisy Northamptonshire lads playing unusual hardcore punk with Sub Pop vibes inspired by My War era Black Flag. These lot don’t get down to London anywhere near as often as they should so consider this a special treat.
FFO: Black Flag, Pissed Jeans


I’m turning 18 in February and will be going on a beer-frenzy so please come watch some of my favourite bands and drink vast amounts of Guinness with me. Drinks at the venue are only £2.50 so it’ll be a right party.

After the gig anyone who wants to come to Stevo after the gig to continue the shindig back at mine is welcome to do so x

Hope to see as many of you as possible there! <3 Standard rules apply; respect the venue, support the bar and be excellent to eachother.