Live & Gigging with J’aime Rachelle & support from Rum Direction

J’aime Rachelle is a singer/songwriter, poetess and artist from Belfast. J’aime writes about a range of political and controversial issues including animal rights, mental health, poverty, abusive relationships and bullying.

She has recently released her debut EP “End Of The Rainbow” on YouTube ( which was recorded and mastered by Glenn Kingsmore and Buck Defect and has received very positive feedback and will be printed physical copies soon on Punkerama Records.

J’aime has just finished playing a bunch of UK/Ireland dates including gigs in Glasgow, Donegal, Blackpool (Rebellion Festival), Belfast, Dundee and Dublin.

Welcome to the world of music written and performed by Chris ‘Jolly Roger’ Heald. If you enjoy a good profanity ridden drinking song then welcome aboard! Yes he swears and yes he sings songs about things you’d never think to write about but he’ll make you laugh and thoroughly entertain you.