Girobabies , Taser Puppets & Poppycock Live

Sat 26th October 2019
@ The Castle Hotel - Manchester

3 Top Bands for a Saturday Night Special .
GIROBABIES (Glasgow) Girobabies give you baffling grunge soul music with a dollop of psychedelic dystopian elbowgrease and a pinch of gutter-rock utopian lyricism .
the Glasgow based band have just released their official debut album ‘Who Took Utopia?’ to critical acclaim
TASER PUPPETS (Chorley/Manchester) Louche groovesters banging out hard hitting , upbeat, psychedelic garage punk.

POPPYCOCK (Manchester) Poppycock are a collection of musicians and artists . The Poppycock band was formed in September 2012 . Musically touching Psyche Pop side of the Velvet Underground . Touching haunting tunes penned by The Fall founder member Una Baines .