FOAD Musick Presents the Dando Sessions #11

FOAD Musick is delighted to welcome back, our friend / co-conspiritor / hero… STEVE IGNORANT with the amazing Slice of LIfe.

Those of you lucky enough to have seen Slice of Life in the Stags Head Basement last year will recall one of the most beautiful afternoons I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing. And those of you who saw them supporting the Sleaford Mods can also attest that this acoustic, laid back music hall type of performance is not to be missed…

support will be from

Dangerous Dave and the Side Effects


the Divils


Dando Sessions
Back in the 70’s and early 80’s, the Dandelion Market (where Stephens Green Shopping Centre is now) was the hotbed of alternative Irish music. Like the record shop nearby, Advance Records, the Dando was where you went to hear quality, or not so quality alternative music at the weekend, it was the place that all the underground upcoming new wave and punk bands played.

These series of gigs from FOAD Musick will attempt to bring you the best underground New Wave and Punk bands from the UK and Ireland and will feature a profile headliner with three of the best local acts on the scene.