Fire Exit : 40 Years and Counting

An Alternative Gathering and Monkish are chuffed to bring you legendary Scottish punks Fire Exit as they celebrate their 40th year together.

£8 ADV / £10 OTD (Ticket Link Up Soon)
Doors 4pm

Fire Exit
Born in Scotland UK 1977… still gigging very strong today, Fire Exit play all over the globe. If you wanna sing, dance and get up for a laff … were your band! We pride ourselves on the fun punk rock.
Their first single, the mighty “Timewall” goes for silly money on the internet, It’s easily one of the best “lost” singles from the punk era, no doubt.
Gerry Attrick has kept the flame alive all these years with sporadic shows and those mental festival appearances. A few albums have been self-released (or on small indie labels) and they’ve kept the fire burning for Fire Exit.

With Special Guests:

5 piece cabaret punk band from London formed in 2005. Grown men who should really know better playing a cacophony of utter nonsense in the key of E, usually.
Sounding Like Johnny Moped, Anal Beard, Emergency Bitter, anarchistwood, Alberto y Lost Trios Paranoias.

Hooligan (Dublin)
Rally cry guitars, hammering drums.. with a sound ripped right out of 1977, these boys play with a ton of passion and really compelling talent…The songs are infectious, they are soaked in tight guitar riffs, horns, dub style bass lines, soul music and swagger..
Formed in Dublin, Ireland in October 2009….. Kickin’ up a racket in different corners of Europe & the west coast USA eva since!

The Fanny Pads
A hard and heavy duty punkrock band formed in late 2004 who’ve shared the stage with bands such as UK Subs, Abrasive Wheels, Cockney Rejects, 999 and Red Flag 77 to name but a few.
Their debut album “Two Sides To Every Story” is currently on release and selling very well!

With more to be announced.