Down And Outs, Hell's Ditch, Dead Neck and The Hunx

Event Date - Sunday, 24 October 2021
Venue - Outpost Liverpool, Liverpool L1 2SJ


Featuring ex/current members of Bad Ideas, River Jumpers, Dearist and Chief

Born and raised in the cities of Liverpool, Lincoln and Wolverhampton, Hell’s Ditch are a British rock ‘n’ roll group with total heart and determination compounded by DIY punk ethics and a hardy knack for storytelling. Using their 3-minute riff-driven punk songs as their modus operandi, the band breathe to life tales of working-class fates, inner-city poverty, alienation, violence, oppression and unflinching resistance. All told through the lens of brutal, ragged, but often loveable characters.

FFO: The Menzingers, The Replacements, Frank Turner & PUP

Expect the usual set of ace singalong tunes from the much respected Scouse DIY punks

Dead Neck
melodic punk/hardcore from Manchester. ffo boss music

The Hunx. Best band out of Liverpool by miles dead sound lads.

price // 6 squid.

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