Captain Hotknives/Gerrard Bell-Fife/Luke Hoggarth at The Exchange

Sat 15th February 2020

Saturday 15th of February.

Captain Hotknives
This Bradford legend needs no introduction. Returning to the exchange after a long absence, bringing his usual comedic, sing songy musings on life in Bratfud & the wider Yorkshire area. Not one you want to miss!

Gerrard Bell-Fife
Gentle, intimate folk from a returning Nottingham import with a cracking voice to boot. Thoughtful, talented and just an all around lovely lad, you don’t want to miss our Gerrard.

Luke Tatty Hoggarth
Returning to the exchange after several poetry evenings last year, Luke will channel all of your misgivings about the current state of the world as one of Bradford’s foremost punk poets.

Free entry. Finished in time for last trains/buses.