BLACKBURN: Kurt Dirt & Hot Pink Sewage, Petrol Hoers, Petrol Bastard, The Ducks, Working Man Cult

Event Date - Friday, 12 November 2021
Venue - The Napier, Blackburn BB1 8AA

£5 OTD cash only

Hot Pink Sewage

Bubbling up from the drains of Blackpool, Hot pink sewage spew their filth all over the stage. Crusty guitars, jackhammer drum machines and drag queen phlegm. Pound land Gwar.

Petrol Bastard

Petrol Bastard is a 2-piece techno-punk band- a terrible Tesco Value version of The Prodigy. Like the cast of Bottom beating each other up to a Vengaboys soundtrack.

Petrol Hoers

Petrol Hoers is the world's only purveyor of "digital horsecore", a blend of aggressive punk and noisy drum+bass but with a surreal horse flavour. Tom Robinson has described Petrol Hoers as "one of the oddest and most original artists its ever been my pleasure to come across in the last 15 years of bbcintroducing"

The Working Man Cult

The hardest man in Blackburn. UK electronic metal band

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