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Big Lad , Shrykull & Soaper @ JT SOAR

Event Date - Saturday, 4 December 2021
Venue - JT Soar, Aberdeen Street Nottingham NG3 1JB UK

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Originally known as Shitwife, London-based electronic/drum duo Big Lad appeared in 2014 sounding like the offspring of Lightning Bolt and Aphex Twin. Blending elements of gabber and breakcore with the essence of post-hardcore and noise-rock -- not to mention the inclusion of blastbeats -- the band fit seamlessly into the U.K.'s underground scene alongside label mates ILL and Casual Nun, while sounding nothing like either of them.

Big Lad began when Henri Grimes (drums), formerly of post-hardcore/math rock trio Shield Your Eyes, sent Wayne Adams (electronics), a member of punk/hardcore band Death Pedals, an unexpected email expressing his interest in creating an electronic/drum project. Having grown tired of playing solo under his Ladyscraper moniker, Adams relished the opportunity to collaborate. Following some successful practice sessions, the duo began work on what would become their debut record. Still operating under the Shitwife epithet, the nine-track Big Lad was released via Sapien in 2015. Citing Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, and Venetian Snares as influences, the band also drew comparisons to American noise-rock band Lightning Bolt due to their incendiary live performances. For their follow-up record, the duo moved to British independent label Box Records and changed their name to that of their debut recording. Pro Rock was released in 2018 and further pushed the extremities of Big Lad's sound, as illustrated by the gnarly synths and maximalist percussion of "Ricky Balboa," which appeared in advance of the album's release.

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