An Alternative Xmas Party

Sat 16th Dec 2017
An Alternative Xmas Party
The Birds Nest, London

An Alternative Gathering bring you the alternative xmas party with 3 dirty grungy bluesy rock bands.

8pm Start
Free Entry

Born from previous Essex scene bands – Storm of Ashes, Bates Motel, Stratus Rocks and Microbot – Hobo have lit up the south east live music scene with their southern groove, sludgy riffs and anthenic choruses. Bringing equal measure of Alice in Chains, Down, Kyuss and Clutch, Hobo effortlessly deliver without caring what the masses are doing.

Yur Mum
This female-fronted three-piece joined instruments for the first time on a cold night in London, 2015. An improbable band with an equally improbable name and formed by the unconformity with contemporary pop music exhaustion, East joined West to play a fusion between grunge, punk, hard rock, metal, blues and anything else that is loud, noisy and comes from the heart.

Dirty Falcon
Rip roaring, ball aching, dirty grunge rock from the darker side of North East London. Harking from Stoke Newington, Dirty Falcon were raised by urban foxes. After promptly rebelling against every institution designed to help them along the way they picked up musical instruments and decided to take out there aggression on the ear drum.